Hello and welcome to the launch of my new venture Photographic workshops.

I am currently offering 

Landscape, with a choice of locations in Norfolk and Suffolk

Owl, with a choice of Native and non Native 

Macro, Spider, preying Mantis and red eyed tree frog.

I am a Gold Award winning Landscape photographer, i gained my CPAGB award (Credit), and i am awaiting the results of my DPAGB application (Distinction), and have started entering British Photographic Exhibitions with very good early success.

I help run Belton Camera Club, which is a practical based club

I Have been published both in news print and magazine publications as well as online content.

My work is currently exhibited in three galleries.

I also compete in many photographic contests, the one of most note is an online global contest called "photocrowd" , it is run as a league with points gained from entries to give your league position updated weekly. there are in excess of 35,000 competitors.

I have been in, or very close to the top 5 for the last nine months, reaching 2nd place on more than one occasion, but so far the top spot illudes me. something im very proud of.

All of this means i know how to teach and create wonerfull images.

I hope you would like to join me on one of my workshops.

They are available to people of all ages, skill and fitness levels, as well as equipment levels, the same skill set applies to everything from phones to top of the range DSLR set ups.

1-2-1 workshops can be tailored to your specific requirements and needs (time/place/subject/venue), please feel free to contact me to for more details.


Kind regards Wayne